Homes – For outstanding kitchens, breathtaking furniture, pristine bathrooms, fabulous furniture, out-of-this-world accessories, innovative walls, interesting flooring.

Offices – For speaking the language of the brand, creating a lasting impression, delivering pristine work spaces, maximising efficiency and minimising maintenance.

Hospitality – For communicating warmth, interpreting luxury, delivering delight and enabling smooth, fuss-free operations.

Retail – For creating visual delight, establishing an ambience that earns the eyeballs and footfalls of shoppers.

Healthcare – For pleasant and sterile surfaces that are critical to the well-being of patients.

What’s YOUR
Solid Idea?

Calling all architects, interior designers, product designers, designers-by-training, designers-at-heart, homeowners, dreamers…

Tell us what your design dream is. And we’ll dream up the surface to make it come true!

Living Room

  • Brighten up your living room with the wide range of colours of Granart’s Solid Surfaces.
  • Make solid memories with GranEdge surfaces that can be moulded according to your needs

Anything is Possible
with Solid Ideas!

“Granart is one of the earliest indigenous manufacturers of Solid Surface products in India. Over the last 20 years, we have put up over 2000 installation in many residential & commercial establishments. All the colorants, color chips, fillers & raw materials are manufactured in-house. This gives us the capability to match & Manufacture almost any color and pattern required by the customer.”
- Shrivardhan Sukhatme
Chairman and Managing Director, Granart